If you buy a Show Pro full license which includes 'Free Lifetime Updates', you can download current versions for free for the life of your product.


What does ‘Free Lifetime Updates’ mean?

  • Free – this means that there will be no additional costs incurred for updating to current builds of the product you originally purchased from us.

  • Lifetime – this is the useful life of the application, which is the period of time that Pixel Perfect LLC continues to support the application with updates and bug fixes.

  • Updates - this means as we fix bugs and add new features to current products with 'Free Lifetime Updates', we will not charge you to stay current. Updates may replace existing versions of the product on the same computing device as it was originally installed and activated.


Does this mean that you'll get free updates for everything we develop from now on? As Show Pro Software develops new products these products will be available for purchase or subscription as additional modules or stand-alone applications, but not to worry, we have big plans to continue to add features to our existing products.


Why would we offer 'Free Lifetime Updates'? We're passionate about our products; it's taken us years of hands-on development to bring our products to market, and we want to continue to see our products flourish. We want our customers to continue to benefit from our ongoing bug fixes and feature improvements to our current products so that they will tell others about us.

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