Create a Cue Sheet

Build cue sheets in Show Pro's intuitive Design Mode (Show Pro Lite, Show Pro Classic or Show Pro Server) or import an Excel spreadsheet using our template. Drag & drop cues to change cue order and Show Pro does the math for you, instantly recalculating cue start times. Customize client logo, pre-set timers, rename user columns, highlight selections and private notes.

Connect Your Team

No Internet is needed to share real-time updates to your cue sheet with your production team. If you're running Show Pro Server, they connect over a wired or wireless connection on their laptops, tablets or phones. If you're using Show Pro Classic, your team joins your wireless network via our free Show Pro iPad App. We recommend using a 5Ghz Dual Band Network for Show Pro.

Click "GO"

Once you're ready for rehearsals or show, select Show Pro's Live Mode and simply click "GO" to advance through cues and trigger the built-in timers. Changes to your cue sheet in Live Mode are pushed to connected users in real-time. Your team can write private notes on their devices and view cached cue sheets offline. Finally, everyone's on the same page with Show Pro.

Show Pro is a Digital Production Cue Sheet

Our newest product, Show Pro Server, broadcasts your cue sheet with real-time updates to your production team on their laptops, tablets and phones. Show Pro Classic is a native OS X digital cue sheet software application with a free companion app for iPad.


Show Pro is Intuitive

Build your cue sheets using Quick Cues or Favorite Cues in Design Mode or use our Excel import template to get started. Click "GO" in Live Mode to advance through each cue as you call the show.


Show Pro Saves Valuable Time

Do you make changes to the cue sheet while your crew waits around on headset for the new versions to be printed? How many late nights have you spent writing and rewriting your show after a long day of rehearsals? With Show Pro, the process is made simple. Changes are made in real time and everyone connected to Show Pro is notified of each change so they can make adjustments immediately.


Show Pro Does the Math For You

Show Pro has patent-pending logic built-in so that when you add, remove and change cues, the timing of your cue sheet is automatically updated. Did we mention that you can simply drag and drop to change cue order?


Show Pro is a Dashboard

Built-in speaker timer, countdown clocks and stopwatch are visible on all connected devices. Preset your timers and they are triggered by the GO button according to your designated cues. Set an iPad in Timer Mode and use as a full screen speaker timer. We like the iPad mini for the lectern.


Show Pro is Customizable

Customize Show Pro for your client or event with features such as: display client logo, highlight & format font, rename columns, add or remove columns, edit private & shared notes, and many more.


Show Pro has Real-Time Updates

As we all know, cue sheets are subject to constant (and last minute) changes. The Preview & Edit panel in Live Mode allows you to update the cue sheet without interruption then push these changes to connected iPads in an instant keeping everyone in the loop in real time.


Show Pro Improves Communication

Everyone is on the same page with Show Pro. The familiar questions "where are we?" and "what version are we on?" are eliminated with the Current Cue and Standby Cue at the top of everyone's screen. On-the-fly edits are pushed to connected iPads in real time, and integrated change log notifications let the user know exactly what's been updated.


Show Pro is Peace of Mind

Show Pro's built-in back up features are designed to give you peace of mind. Print back up copies of your cue sheet, save to the cloud with Dropbox and view cached versions offline. Show Pro saves your file as a .sho which can be emailed to clients and colleagues for collaboration, review and back up purposes.


Show Pro Makes You Look Good

Give your client an iPad to follow along with the show; set up a screen with Show Pro in the Green Room for your talent; put a connected iPad up as a backstage speaker timer... you get the idea.


Show Pro is Free to Try

Download a full-feature 7-day evaluation and take it for a spin. Show Pro iPad App is available as a free download at Apple's App Store online.




Backstage with Show Pro 960


We recently purchased your software to use in our concerts and musicals. After using your software for the first time in one of our major productions, both myself and all crew believe that this program has been one of the greatest advancements in stage managing ever! It has been an absolute dream to work with and operate, with many of the crew loving the private notes function! Thank you once again for this brilliant program!

Dale, Stage Manager for a Private School in Sydney, Australia


Just getting in contact to let you know how much I love Show Pro software! I recently got a chance to try it out on a couple of shows I was working on with full use of the iPad and timer features and absolutely loved it. The fact that all crew were able to view exactly what part of the show we were up to as well as have a countdown until the next section was incredible. Not to mention the ability to live update the show if necessary. Some great software you have and I am very keen to use it again on future shows!

Peter, Corporate Client


Yeah #ShowPro is awesome! I highly recommend it. Real time changes on the fly and making every cue flawless. It’s nice to look at my iPad and see my cues. Instead of a crumpled piece of paper with red sharpie notes in low light. No more constant and costly trips to the business center to print the latest. Get it and step into the 21st century.

Thomas, Corporate Client


It works well. With a quick glance and I know where I’m at and what is coming up.

James, Technician


This is by far one of the greatest tools that has hit the corporate industry. From the design to the ease of use, it is a home run. This needs to become the industry standard in my book. Thank you Show Pro!

Aaron Kobel, Audio Engineer


Thanks Dave for creating Show Pro. We recently used it on a large show in the historic Fox Theater for Plante Moran and it was a huge success. It was great having the entire crew synched to the same cue sheet even through mid show changes instead of everyone scribbling their own notes on their printed copy. The show came off without a hitch and I'm looking forward to many more with Show Pro.

Ron Holwerda, President, Crossfire Productions Inc.


Show Pro made it easy for me to update and send new cue lists to a very large crew very quickly. I also used an extra iPad as a timer to make sure we ran all events on time.

Jay Koller, President, Solid State Designs


Fantastic! Best ever when I was able to update a few timer cues while we were in doors and everyone got it without reprinting or writing on the ROS. I'm now addicted to this software!

Kimberly Gambucci, Producer/ Stage Manager/ Technical Director


A great product that makes the show more efficient.

Jason, Technician

3 Tage bei der Miss Schweiz getestet, und rundum zufrieden. Endlich kein Papierwust und Leselämpchen mehr. (Tested for 3 days at the Miss Switzerland, and completely satisfied. Finally no paperwork and no more reading lamps.)

Customer Review on AppStore

Download a full-feature 7-day evaluation and take it for a spin.



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