Create a Cue Sheet

Build cue sheets in Show Pro's intuitive Design Mode (Show Pro Lite, Show Pro Classic or Show Pro Server) or import an Excel spreadsheet using our template. Drag & drop cues to change cue order and Show Pro does the math for you, instantly recalculating cue start times. Customize client logo, pre-set timers, rename user columns, highlight selections and private notes.

Connect Your Team

No Internet is needed to share real-time updates to your cue sheet with your production team. If you're running Show Pro Server, they connect over a wired or wireless connection on their laptops, tablets or phones. If you're using Show Pro Classic, your team joins your wireless network via our free Show Pro iPad App. We recommend using a 5Ghz Dual Band Network for Show Pro.

Click "GO"

Once you're ready for rehearsals or show, select Show Pro's Live Mode and simply click "GO" to advance through cues and trigger the built-in timers. Changes to your cue sheet in Live Mode are pushed to connected users in real-time. Your team can write private notes on their devices and view cached cue sheets offline. Finally, everyone's on the same page with Show Pro.

Internet Payments

Now accepting PayPal